Reima is a global leader in children's sportswear and footwear.

The brand was founded "out of the joy of activity" and its mission is to encourage the outdoors and prepare the next generation of happy and active children. For nearly 80 years, it has been creating durable, functional, comfortable and easy-care products that make it easier for the little ones to enjoy an active childhood.

It offers a wide range of clothing, footwear and accessories suitable for all seasons for children aged from 0 to 12. The brand was founded in 1944 in Finland, and its history began with converting old military uniforms into safe, functional and comfortable clothing for the whole family.

The first products were women's workwear, but production soon focused on outerwear, with a special emphasis on children's clothing. At the beginning of the second millennium, Reima began to focus exclusively on collections dedicated to children and also included footwear in its product line.

It has been proven that play has a positive impact on a child’s entire future life. Change is made in small steps, and with nearly 80 years of heritage, we are proving that our common goal is to provide all toddlers with an active childhood and prepare them for the world of the future.

Paweł Buczko, Brand Manager REIMA

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The pursuit of innovation, high quality and durable products and a concern for the environment – all to stimulate the joy of movement and guarantee every child an active and healthy childhood! #Reima

Anna Frączek

Junior Brand Manager

Paweł Buczko

Brand Manager