Viking - a brand created by LARIX in 1996.

Born out of passion for travel, nature and sports. From the very beginning we focus on the selection of the highest quality materials, technology and design in line with the latest trends. Our designers pay considerable attention to ensure that our products are based on sustainable solutions. Practical ecology is the direction we have taken to develop our collections in a way that is consistent with respect for human rights and great respect for nature.

Viking is created for sports enthusiasts, travel lovers, as well as ordinary outdoor enthusiasts. In our products you can find materials and technologies of world leaders such as: GORE TEX®, PRIMALOFT®, POLARTEC®, THINSULATE™, G-LOFT® or BIONIC FINISH®ECO. Cooperation with leading suppliers allows us to create products that combine: quality, comfort, protection and modern design. All this makes the Viking brand grow year after year and record dynamic growth in the outdoor industry around the world.

Currently, the customers of Viking brand products are: Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Spain, Netherlands, Israel, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Mongolia, Germany, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, United States of America, Switzerland, Ukraine, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Latvia, Moldova and the United Kingdom.


When creating our products, we pay attention to making them as comfortable as possible during use, testing them in various conditions and trying to fine-tune them as much as possible so that the user can focus on further discovery.


for us is the ability to use the product in different conditions, different environments and by different users, regardless of their age or level of expertise, the goal is one - to increase capabilities.


has been a guiding principle for us since the brand's beginning and is directly linked to the previous two values. In order to ensure user comfort and functionality in our products, we are always looking for the best and modern technologies to use, realizing the importance of using the right materials or the right cutting. We work with the best suppliers in the industry and develop our own technologies, keeping in mind their impact on the environment.

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Our goal when creating the VIKING brand is its comprehensive multidimensional approach to both the products we create, the users for whom our products are intended and our partners. We want the values that guide our brand combined with our shared passion for sports and activity to infect more users. VIKING- explore more.

Mateusz Góra, Brand & Export Manager VIKING

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