American brand Osprey has been creating durable and robust backpacks and outdoor gear of the highest quality since 1974.

In 1974, in California, Mike Pfotenhauer and Laurie White launched their small company OSPREY. They started the business with a single sewing machine and the ambitious goal of designing and sewing reliable, durable and sturdy backpacks of the highest quality that would serve their owners for a lifetime.

The name Osprey comes from the species name of the osprey bird. The choice of this name is intended to reflect the brand's values of functionality, durability and mobility, which are important to users of backpacks and outdoor equipment.

The company's growth and development has not hindered the Osprey brand's long-standing commitment to innovation and quality, allowing it to harness the global talent and resources that have strengthened the company's heritage to become one of the most innovative, transparent and responsible outdoor gear brands in the world.

A backpack accompanies adventures like a faithful companion. Durable, long-lasting, ergonomic and comfortable to wear Osprey brand backpacks are perfect for any expedition . Let your adventures become even more unforgettable with the Osprey brand.

Jakub Laszczak, Brand Manager OSPREY

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The Osprey brand is one of the most recognisable brands in the world. Osprey brand backpacks, outdoor accessories or carriers are a symbol of durability, high quality and original design. The brand has won recognition among both adult travellers and small explorers.

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