As LARIX, we are proud that in addition to working with the civilian market, for many years our products have also been supplied to uniformed services and rescue workers from all over Poland.

We have certifications that allow us to participate in tenders and supply our products to various types of services, including: an ISO certificate PN-EN ISO 9001:2015-10 (International Organization for Standardization) and a "military certificate" that meets NATO requirements - AQAP 2110:2016.

Cooperation in this sector is particularly important to us, giving us confirmation of the quality of our products and an invaluable sense of mission accomplishment.

Meindl Military Boots

Top-quality, specialized tactical footwear from the German brand Meindl for all types of uniformed services. Extremely durable, safe, performing perfectly in any, even the most extreme conditions.

In recent years, our tactical footwear has supplied, among others, special units of the Polish Army, anti-terrorist units, police and fire departments. A wide range of products gives you the opportunity to choose the right footwear for operation in all terrain and climatic conditions. The traditions of the Meindl company, and the fact that military footwear is produced in Europe, allow flexibility in production and matching shoes to any requirements.

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