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In 1981, in the small town of Buchholz near Hamburg, Gunther Killer opens the first sportswear factory. It was then that the KILLTEC brand, which owes its name to the first letters of the founder's surname and its technical nature, begins its history.

In Poland, KILLTEC has been present for more than 11 years, and since 2003 distributed by LARIX. The expansion of the sales network to more than 200 major sports outlets and intensified marketing efforts have helped to achieve a significant increase in the brands share of the domestic market. The technological dimension of KILLTECs products requires a lot of training, presentations and informing the target customer in a clear and, above all, effective way.

KILLTEC is present as a sponsor of prizes at numerous sporting events, in addition to actively supporting leading athletes, which has an important impact on the brands presence in the minds of consumers.

Pleasure and fun during sports activities always consist of many factors. This is guaranteed, among other things, by functional and technical clothing, which can certainly be found in Killtec’s offer – a brand shaped by partnership, solidarity and honesty combined with great passion and experience.

Michał Szczotka, Brand Manager KILLTEC

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A wide range of functional clothing for everyone, dedicated to ski sports and the outdoors – it’s what we feel most comfortable in. All products stand out for their attention to detail, careful workmanship and excellent value for money. See for yourself. #Killtec

Roman Złotecki

Sales Representative

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Anna Frączek

Junior Brand Manager