CamelBak is an American company that has been on the market since 1989.

The idea and the idea for the products was born during one of the most demanding bicycle races, one of the participants, who was Michale Edison, decided to fill a bag with water and put it in a backpack, along with a tube for drinking water. This is how the world's first backpack with a hydration system, known today as CamelBak, was created.

Currently, CamelBak is known as a leading manufacturer of backpacks and accessories with hydration systems. This group includes cycling backpacks, vests and running backpacks, as well as hiking accessories and backpacks. At the core of each of these products is an advanced hydration system.

The CamelBak brand is also known for its wide range of everyday bottles, as well as thermal cups - every year the brands American designers prepare solutions for the best, most convenient and fastest hydration in any situation. Not only in sports, but also during everyday activities!

The slogan “Got Your Bak” is not just words. It’s our culture. It’s our way of thinking. We provide the most advanced hydration solutions so that you can enjoy longer what you are passionate about.

Łukasz Hola, Brand Manager CAMELBAK

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CamelBak, addressing the basic human need of thirst, offers a range of products related to continuous, convenient and efficient hydration. Discover our solutions and convince yourself that CamelBak is a pioneer and leader in its field.

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