BUFF is a Spanish brand
founded in 1992.

In 1991, in the west of Barcelona, Joan Rojas designed a seamless microfiber sling for motorbike riding. The idea was a great success and soon afterwards the BUFF brand was born.

Today, Buff not only offers bandanas, but also hats, scarves and many other products to a growing audience in more than 70 countries around the world.

To this day, most of Buff's products are sewn in their own factory in Barcelona, giving them full control over both the production process, quality and working conditions.

Hot, cold, snow or wind … our Buff brand products are ready for any weather and any activity, they will ensure you can enjoy every moment outdoors, and thanks to the variety of colours and designs, you can perfectly match them to your own style and personality.

Jakub Laszczak, Brand Manager BUFF

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From sun protection to protection against the cold, all Buff brand outdoor products are the perfect companion for any outdoor activity.

Janusz Kos

Sales Representative

tel. +48 695 584 010
e-mail: j.kos@larix.com.pl

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Sales Representative

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Sales Representative

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Karolina Baran

Sales Representative

tel. +421 904 845 454
e-mail: k.baran@larix.com.pl

Czech Republic, Slovakia

Beata Jakubiec

Junior Brand Manager

Jakub Laszczak

Brand Manager